Lecture: Get Comfortable Making Others Uncomfortable
Success Cluster: Getting What You Want

When danger is in sight, are you on the side of flee or fight?

This lecture gives you the tools, steps and processes to help you get what you want in business. It will teach you how to build a foundation for a strong Personal Brand, which you'll need to get what you want. Getting what you want may put you in situations/conversations uncomfortable for both you and the other party: whether asking for a promotion or a raise; turning your team around; getting people on board for a product idea you want; raising money for a cause; getting a new client/customer; or giving a review to a poorly performing employee.

These guidelines will teach you how to advance whatever goal you're serving so you will feel more comfortable entering those situations – and help ensure you’ll get the outcome you want. And, if done correctly, get the other party comfortable with what you want as well!

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